Indian Cities to explore this summer – II

The last section of our blog ‘Indian Cities to explore this summer’ covered the lexicographic list of the Indian cities that should be taken into consideration if you are planning to spend your summers in India. India is enriched with destinations that are ideal to spend one’s vacation. Therefore, the list is quiet long. Such variety gives you ample tourist destinations to choose from. In the last section, we stopped at Bangalore or Bengaluru so in this section we will start from the consecutive next Bharatpur.

Bharatpur: It is a majestic destination which embodies India’s rich history, natural wonder and cultural glory making it one of the most favorite tourist destinations. Beside the Mughal and Rajput architecture, Bharatpur is eminently famed for housing Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary with more than 380 feathered avifauna species. It is an ideal destination to go on a wildlife safari.

Bhubaneswar: This graceful capital city of Orissa flawlessly embodies India’s art and culture. The art and culture is reflected in the rudiments from the past as well as from the present. The place is an abode of alluringly architected ancient temples and many such religious locations which makes this among the most visited tourism sites.

Bikaner: This elegant city is blessed with sheer natural charm with royal landscape. Bikaner is the royal place of the former maharajas and beholds the strong history of their struggle and chivalry. Junagarh Fort is the landmark fort of this city which is standing since 14th century. This diminutive city of Rajasthan perfectly beholds and signifies its enormous culture and traditions. The lifestyle of the locals represents the cultural importance which is also reflected in its majestic palace and forts and more of such edifices.

Bodhgaya: It is one of the holiest cities of India where Buddha achieved the enlightenment. The whole place gracefully depicts the life incidents of Buddha’s life through temples, miniatures, museums and much more. The place is amazingly with blessed with tranquil ambiance all over which reflects the positive energies around.

howrah-bridge-kolkata (1)
Kolkata: It stands as one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities of India. Kolkata encompasses numerous splendid palaces, forts and fascinating edifices which embody India’s strong history. This intellectual capital of India is replete with divine shrines, pastoral countryside, beautifully laid out gardens and ancient edifices which add onto its charm.

Chennai: this most eminent city of south India serves as a perfect blend of rich heritage, exclusive culture and unique traditions. Not just the multi ethnic nature of this city makes it eminent but also the natural appeal of the sandy beaches, parks, lakes, sculptures and historic landmarks which spread its charm all over.

Kochi (Cochin): Cochin, nestled amid the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, is the most visited destination which south India proudly houses. This eminent city of Kerala is renowned for its natural grandeur, magnificently laid out gardens with shimmering lakes and most prominently its backwaters. Beside such fascinating aspects the city is eminent for comprising the magnificently erected ancient temples and pleasant weather throughout.

These are some other Indian cities which one can traverse during their summer holidays. However, as said earlier – the list is long – it is not finished yet. We will come back with another section – ‘Indian Cities to Explore This Summer III’. So keep reading and keep updating yourself.

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