Indian Cities to explore this summer – III

The last section of our blog ‘Indian Cities to explore this summer – II’ covered the lexicographic list of the Indian cities that should be taken into consideration if you are planning to spend your summers in India. India is enriched with destinations that are ideal to spend one’s vacation. Therefore, the list is quiet long. Such variety gives you ample tourist destinations to choose from. In the last section, we stopped at Cochin so in this section we will start from the consecutive next Delhi.

Delhi: The capital city of India embodies the true essence and soul of this incredible nation showcasing both the contemporary and ancient aspect of India. Delhi elegantly represents a perfect merger of tradition, culture, and politics through its magnificent edifices. It is the most predominant tourist destination of India which embodies the entire nation within its single territory.

Darjeeling: It is the most eminent hill station of India sheltering nature in its full form which bestows a picturesque landscape with Kanchenjunga hill at the backdrop. Darjeeling serves as the best place for tea plantation. It endows emerald tea gardens with sheer natural splendor all around. Enjoy a splendid holiday while traversing the enchanting beauty of Darjeeling this summer.

Goa: This tiny state of India is extensively enriched with fascinating activities and destinations. The enchanting coastline affirms to be the best in the country as it boasts incredible natural glory with exhilarating activities. The place is famous for its vibrant festivals, carnivals and vivacious lifestyle that is easily reflected in the beach parties and late night parties.

Hyderabad: The capital city of Andhra Pradesh is known for globally famed majestic heritage edifices and beholding a strong historical background which can be witnessed through its art galleries and museums. The city showcases the diversity of India with housing peoples from different regions and communities and serves as the tourist spots of India.

Jaipur: The very first splendidly planned city of Rajasthan is a perfect destination to witness the magnificent history though its architectural marvels with exclusive traditions. The glory and royalty of Rajasthan is reflected in every nook and corner of this majestic pink city which every tourist yearn to experience making it a most famed tourist destination.

Jaisalmer: Standing amidst the elegant Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is the most charming city of Rajasthan which is dotted with exceptional man-made wonders. Beholding a strong historical past, it is one of the prominent tourist destinations which inhabit the best of cultural heritage with a desert terrain at the backdrop. To experience this classic beauty, one should definitely plan a holiday to Rajasthan.

Jodhpur: The second largest city of Rajasthan is a perfect destination to witness the alluring golden sand shimmering under the bright sun providing a mesmerizing landscape. You should experience the spectacular charm of this desert terrain in person. Jodhpur is renowned for showcasing the royalty and majestic glory of Rajasthan through its cultural heritage and its authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

These Indian cities are best holiday destinations for summer holidays. However, as said earlier – the list is long – it is not finished yet. We will come back with another section – ‘Indian Cities to Explore This Summer IV’. So keep reading and keep updating yourself.

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