Luxury Monuments in Kerala Tour

India is one of the rare and unique countries in the world, whose ancient civilizations and cultures have an ancient history, which is through a long centuries. Evidence of the remains of ancient monuments in different parts of India Kerala is a beautiful state in southern part of India and has an ancient history of trade for ancient civilizations like Romans, Chinese and Egypt. They are helping to explore the history of Kerala and India; these monuments are attracting a large number of tourists to visit Kerala all over the world and a lot of help to understand ancient civilizations and their culture and traditions. Offer.
Here are some of Kerala’s memorials for visiting your Kerala tourism, which are providing information about the rare and unique architectural capacities of the old people and their social systems.

Jewish community in Kodungallur
This monument is a great example of the hospitality of people of Kerala from ancient times to accept people and culture from anywhere in the world. The succession of Jewish refugees for Kerala began in BC and in the fourteenth century, a Hindu ruler Bhaskar Ravi Varman agreed to his settlement to issue copper plates to a leader of the Jewish community in Kodungallore. In 1568 the Jews constructed a synagogue and a clock tower. The floor of the meetings was used to hand out their interior interiors with carved wood, with hand-painted willow pattern tiles, China and crystal chandelier and blue and white ceramic tiles. Copper plates from Bhaskar Raviwarman are the most important remains on the shrine.

Padmanabhapuram Palace
It is a magnificent wooden castle, which was built by the Travancore rulers in the 16th century. This palace is located 54 km from Thiruvananthapuram. The ancient interior of the Padmanabhapuram Palace is full of complex rosy carvings and sculpture Dakor. It is one of the best examples of traditional wooden architecture in Kerala and is an attractive place for lovers of ancient times.
At the Art and Architecture Palace, visitors can see pictures of the 17th and 18th century murals, mahogany ceilings, mirrors of Belgium, photos of Lord Krishna, secret underground passages, colorful asbestos windows, four poster medicinal beds and more.

Bolghatty Palace
It is located on Bolghati Island near Cochin Town and is an important heritage monument in Kerala. The Dutch built this beautiful palace in 1744, and at that time it served as the residence of the Dutch governor. After the failure of the British East India Company’s war, this palace was inhabited by the British rulers. Now this two story palace is a luxury accommodation for tourists and is an excellent environment with the most modern amenities.
These monuments have been made for future generations and are telling stories about our ancestors. The characteristic of Kerala is not only between the galaxies of the green nature, the sky represents the rival and lakes, ayurveda and martial arts. Kerala tour Packages will leave you a miracle in the monuments; these are examples of how an idea can be expressed in the Azonic stones of rural areas.

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