Enjoy the Best of Kerala with Wayanad Village Tour

Kerala is a land of surprises. The small strip of land is blessed with blissful natural wonders that offer pleasures for mind, body and senses. It has beaches, backwaters, abundant green fields, plantations and most importantly, peace of mind that makes it a captivating destination. This peace of mind comes up only with the presence of its countryside villages. Punctuated with a lot of villages, the state provides a thriving backdrop for village culture to flourish. The old-world charm, enchanting ritualistic dance forms, simplicity and receptiveness of people bring up the enticing holiday experience to the peace loving holidayers.

The rural side here features a serene mix of Malabari culture with landscapes. One cannot easily differentiate between culture and lifestyle of people. People here still thrive on farming and plantations. For they believe that farming is God’s blessing that should be nurtured by the mankind in the best possible way. These farmers work day and night on the farms and plantations and contribute to the productivity of the country in the form of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, coconuts, and not to forget paddy fields. It is because of these farmers only the rural countryside of Kerala has retained its lush greenery.
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The additional source of livelihood in such villages is the inclination towards handicrafts. Kerala has a rich tradition of handicrafts which is kept alive in these villages. A source of livelihood for craftsmen and women too, the local cottage industry here helps them showcase their craft in the form of ethnic souvenirs. The artisans here are following the craft for generations for their sustenance and keeping the legacy of Kerala alive through their art forms. Their skill is one of the prime reasons why such souvenirs like ivory crafts, wooden boat models, coconut shell craft, Aranmula mirror, metal inlaid wood craft etc are seen with great fascination.

The rural culture gives a great importance to the cottage crafts. Therefore, tourists on a village tour can get the opportunity to witness the talent of such rural artists. During this trip, the foreigners can actually see how these creations are chiselled to perfection. How the raw materials like coconut shell that is usually discarded can be used to create such fascinating knick-knacks. The procedure as well as the end product of such a detailed craft is fascinating, making a trip to rural Kerala successful. While on a visit to such rural cottage industries, the visitors can buy such interesting souvenirs.

This transaction might look like a usual one, but has a hidden motive of cultural exchange. Tourists get the original hand-made creations from the craftsmen directly and the rural artists get rewarded for their talent.

All such enriching experiences can be enjoyed during Wayanad Village tour. Located in North Kerala, the region is interspersed with old world charm, natural wonders and heritage attractions, making it one of the best ways to enjoy nature. This holiday also offers a perfect opportunity to rewind and rejoice life in this calming village zone.

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