Travel Responsibly In India Through Eco Tours

The new wave of eco tourism has revolutionized the concept of nature-friendly travel in India with India Eco Tour. This multidimensional idea brings tourists, locals and nature together on a common platform. Also, it is the only way with which one can participate actively in the variety of Indian ecosystems and gain the insider experiences.

As a part of mutual exchange, travellers are introduced towards the local beliefs and nature friendly ways of life in Indian villages through orientations. Say, if a traveller is visiting Kumakarom village in Kerala, they are introduced to the coir weaving
This is done to establish better understanding of the location. The environment around such destinations is very fragile and sensitive locations. Hence, the efforts towards establishing camaraderie between mankind and nature is the prime facet of these trips..
Environment plays an important role in these special trips. In fact, the quality of location’s surroundings is a major draw card for this thematic travel. Since environment is of prime importance, tourists and locals both have to make sure that the quality of location and surroundings are not hurt because of tourism.
In fact, all this is properly implemented to retain the essence of the destination. Tourists are guided not to leave minimum impact and draw out maximum experiences from this trip. This is a sentient way where destination’s beauty is kept intact due to preservation efforts by locals and travellers alike.

They make sure no bottle or edible leftovers are thrown out in open. Either they carry back the litter with them or dispose them off in dustbins only. While in a wildlife sanctuary or a national park in India like Jim Corbett, this feature should be followed like a norm. The plastics thrown by careless individuals in these forests might take death of a wild animal.
Also, one should try not to create noise while touring a jungle. We know that the idea of spotting favourite animal is an exciting moment, but try not to shout. Just observe the animals as they pass ahead of your jeep safari. This is the best example of eco tourism where men just admire the beauty and vibrant appeal of nature quietly like Valley of Flowers Tour.

Wildlife lovers should also follow the instructions given by the tour leaders during safari. Trust them, they know the forest better and can give tourists a rich eco-travel experience, provided the travellers cooperate with them.
Additionally, the visitors must also appreciate the local values and customs while travelling and practice them. Say if a visitor is traveling towards a tribal location or a village, he should not photograph without the consent. It might be just a picture for tourists, but it might hurt their sentiments.

Same is applicable for the methods of transportation and accommodation. Visitors can ditch their cars during eco travelling and trek or hike their way through the locations. This attempt keeps the locations free from vehicular pollution and helps the visitors in gaining insider experience. Accommodations that follow eco-friendly parameters like lodges or resorts can be booked during such special trips.
The basic premise to safeguard environment is the key for such enriching trips. Travellers after exploring such natural locations responsibly return back with a better outlook of life. They take back natural memories, rich insider experiences and some practical lessons on how to coexist with nature without disturbing it.

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