Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is world famous for providing an essence of Indian culture and tradition. Pushkar is one such town in the state of Rajasthan which reflects the elegance and royalty of Rajasthan and the whole of India. Pushkar is one of the five sacred Dhams – the famous and most visited pilgrimage site in India and has been located at 14km North West from Ajmer. The snake mountain originally named as the ‘Nag pahar’ forms a natural fringe between Ajmer and Pushkar. Enclosed with hills on the three sides Pushkar has plethora of temples.
Pushkar means born through a flower and it lies on the edge of Pushkar Lake which is believed to be a lake of salvation. The place has a lot of religious significance and has mythical stories too behind its formation and origin. It comprises five major temples apart from the small ones and around 52 Ghats where the devotees soak themselves in the sacred water. One of the most prominent temples of Pushkar is the 14th century old Brahma temple which is the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma – the creator according to Hindu mythology, in the whole of India and the world. Pushkar is also known as the “Tirth Raj”- the king of pilgrimage sites. And recently it has become a major tourist spot too attracting visitors from all around the world. Apart from the religious significance one can just simply spend time at shore of the lake and taking a quite walk around the lake will surely mesmerize you by its serene beauty.

Pushkar a small, relaxing and the most peaceful place comprises a lot of tourist attractions among which Pushkar fair is the most distinct one. Pushkar is world famous for its annual camel fair also known as Pushkar fair. People look forward to this fair with a lot of enthusiasm. Camels the ship of the desert is the main attraction during this annual festival, camels are being decorated with multi hued saddle cloth with heavy jewelry and some special competitions are being organized for the camels like camel beauty contest, camel races, camel polo etc. apart from these activities camels are also traded off. The excitement of the people can be seen through the way they are dressed up; males are seen with bright turbans and women with bright Ghagra’s and silver ornaments. The event also includes some folk dance and music performances with puppet shows, magic show etc.

Pushkar accommodates a fascinating merge of history and mythology providing the true essence and sanctity of the place and makes it a unique destination which is worth a visit. One can look forward to a lot of activities including camel safari in Pushkar, shopping in the colourful bazaars providing fascinating handicrafts, enjoying the vibrant Pushkar fair and much more. No other place can match up to Pushkar’s effervescence, vigor and brightness which it offers through its Pushkar fair, the serene Pushkar lake fringed by the hills on the three sides, the ancient temples and sand dunes which bestows a perfect landscape leaving the visitor wholly mesmerized.

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