Indian Cities to Explore This Summer – V

The previous section of our blog ‘Indian Cities to Explore This Summer – IV’ covered the lexicographic list of the Indian cities that should not be missed if you are planning your India holidays. We concluded our last blog post with Kanyakumari so we will start this section from the consecutive next Lakshadweep.

Lakshadweep: A perfect holiday spot to behold the enchanting creations of nature at its best. The island is enriched with incredible vistas where the pleasant breeze romances with emerald palms while the azure sea seems to caress the white sand. The place is dotted with pristine beaches that offer thrilling water adventures. It is the best place to comprehend and observe the opulence of nature.

Lucknow: The city of Nawabs is gloriously adorned with superb mausoleums and grandiose monuments. The uniquely designed garden which boasts marble sidewalks are among the top attractions of the place beside the architectural wonders. The era-old edifices showcase the strong history of the place. The cultural influence is highly prevalent in the population and can be observed even in the simplest form of interaction.

Mahabalipuram: It poised elegantly on the Coromandel Coast against the Bay of Bengal and is fringed flawlessly with spectacular beaches. Being blessed with such beautiful setting, Mahabalipuram is eminent for housing impressive architectural marvels showcasing the artistic brilliance with many more intriguing attractions to allure its visitors. It serves as an absolute tourist destination which adds on more fun and excitement to your holidays in south India.

Manali: It is one of the most beautiful hill stations of India which is blessed with some alluringly picturesque landscapes. The snowcapped hills in the city leave the visitors spell bound with its mesmerizing magnificence. The city provides a myriad of adventure sports options amidst its natural splendor that attracts tourists from all over. At the time of snowfall the city gets drenched in snow, letting you experience all of its bewitching beauty at its best.

Mandawa: This major city in Shekhawati region (Rajasthan) is known for its mighty Havelis. These glorious Havelis stand as the living example of the gallantry galore of the Thakurs and Rajputs. The Havelis are brilliantly designed by the craftsmen of the era. Every edifice is a piece of architectural brilliance. The beautiful temples here represent the religious and cultural significance of India.

Mumbai: It is the most eminent metropolitan city of India which is exclusively blessed with an elegant coastline. The city harbors spectacular beaches fringed with exceptional beauty. It is a major hub for tourist as it offers a myriad of tourist attractions like Juhu beach, Gateway of India, Prince of Wales Museum etc. Mumbai bestows an extraordinary experience with a unique mix of culture and natural beauty with a contemporary touch.

Munnar: The city comprises spectacular splendour of nature due to which it serves as the most bewitching hill station in South India. It is dotted with vistas where snow capped mountains aim to touch the sky, foamy waterfalls generate a melodious sound with greenery all around representing nature’s bounty over this place.

Mysore: It is one of the enchanting destinations of Karnataka which celebrates its festivals with so much of zeal and enthusiasm that the revelry and festivities has now become world famous. Besides the dynamic celebrations, Mysore is eminent for harboring the magnificent palaces, divine temples, fascinating forts and all such tourist attractions making it the one of the most desired tourist destination in India.

The above cities are among the famous tourist attractions of India which one can traverse during their holidays. We will come back with another section of our tantalizing cities- ‘Indian Cities to Explore This Summer – VI’. So keep reading and keep updating yourself.

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