Discover a New World during Incredible India Tour

Incredible India is not just the name of the promotional campaign by the country, but this phrase encapsulates its sheer wealth of customs, culture and way of life. The country, defined by its diversity presents a new and exotic world filled with great wonders. In all, it is laden with experiences that fill your holidays with excitement and make it a surprising retreat.

There are numerous glimpses here that range from towering snow capped mountains, dry deserts, gorgeous green forests, blissful beaches and farmlands. All these add on to the beauty and enigmatic appeal of the country. Such sights also bring awe and wonder in the eyes of the travellers. It even makes India look like a world in its own. Besides this, every festive celebration also offers a grand spectacle in a lavish way. Take Desert Festival, Elephant Festival, Thrissur Pooram, Konark Festival, Khajuraho Dance festival – all of them present rich and colourful glimpses of the country.

But there is more to India than just the sights. The country presents a unique sensory experience that wraps the travellers in the most experiential way. Every sense here gets an exclusive retreat to cherish. The tastebuds here receive a variety of flavours and colours in the most delectable way. Utilizing the herbs and spices cultivated within the country, these special dishes comprising the curries, appetizers, flatbreads, pancakes etc make the culinary experiences more vivid and exciting. But if the spicy food is not a taste of your palate, you can even ask the chefs or cooks to tone down the flavours for a distinctive experience.

The sense of smell also gets a perfect dose. With cities like Mysore renowned worldwide for its sweet sandalwood fragrances to the aromatic spice forests of Kerala and Goa – many more locations here offer a rich treat to the sense of smell. Even when the dishes are served, the aroma of spices wafts and offers an incredibly sumptuous experience.
Same is with the ears. A traveller gets to hear the contrasting chatter of crowded cities as well as serene chants within a temple. The melodies of folk and classical music also offer a soothing experience for ears.

At last, the sense of touch achieves another exclusive expression in this country. Famed as the originator of Ayurveda, the country offers authentic way to carry out the traditional therapies to calm the mind and relieve the body of its stress. Overall, this wellness science is presents the best way of touch therapy, touching the existence from within.

All these sensory experiences touch the travellers from within and present a new world to be discovered in every incredible India tour.

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