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India, since ancient times has been a land of history, traditions, culture, art, architecture, and many other things that have been attracting tourists from all over the world to come and explore this heavenly land. It would be unfair to not mention the picturesque landscapes that are found almost everywhere in this country that leaves travelers spellbound. Offering travelers with a variety of places to visit in every corner of the country; and so many things to do, India has been on the list of many travelers. Today, with tourism on the rise that is making travel easier, most people want to explore different places over the globe, one of the main countries being India.

There are many India tour packages that are offered depending on the places you wish to visit. Most travel companies today offer personalized tour packages to India, in order to let you explore the destinations of your choice without any hassle. India being a vast and diverse country, the tour packages are categorized as per the location, namely, North, South, East, West, North-East, etc. for better clarity of the destinations to visit. All of the India tour packages are categorized under these divisions. There are many tours that are offered in India. Here below are a few India tour packages to make sure that you have the best vacation in India.

The Delightful Himachal: Himachal Pradesh is called to be the ‘Home of Snow’ and is a picturesque location that is filled with pleasant surprises. It is at this destination where you will find breath-taking snow-peaked mountains, river valleys and a playground of adventures that await you. Himachal offers few of the best sightseeing in Northern India which you must include in if you’re taking a North India tour package.
Shimla: An extremely popular hill station in North India, Shimla is known as the summer capital of British India and has few of the best views of delightful green hills, snow-capped mountains and undulating rivers. Shimla also has a few attractions that will entice you. A few of them are the Shimla Christ Church, The Ridge, the Scandal Point and The Green Valley.

Kullu Manali: Kullu Manali, often referred to as traveller’s paradise, has a lot to offer in terms of both beauty and adventure. Thus, inviting many trekkers from all over the world to be a part of their trekking expeditions. Mountain climbing, paragliding, white water rafting and skiing are a few activities that are offered to tourists. Apart, from adventure, Shimla also offers sightseeing to places like the Raghunath temple, the Basheshwar Mahadev temple, the Solang Valley, Buddhist Monasteries and a few others. The Twisty Beas River, however, is the main attraction of Manali.
These two places are the main tourist attractions of Himachal Pradesh among the many other attractions like Delhi, Spiti, Dharamshala, Dalhousie and Mcleodganj. If you are looking forward to exploring North India, then these destinations must be on your North India tour package.
Magical Kerala: Unlike Northern India that is surrounded by snow-capped mountains with deep valleys and flowing rivers, South India lies on the coastal belt and has a pleasantly warm climate. Many India tour packages offer Kerala as a destination for travelers to explore as it one of a kind, being labeled as ‘God’s Own Country’. With natural landscapes, scintillating backwaters and the spice and tea-covered hills, Kerala is a mysterious land, offering you a relaxed vacation. Kerala houses few of the most beautiful Hindu architecture, arts and handicrafts that are traditional. Few attractions of Kerala that must be included in your South India tour package are:

Alleppey: The backwaters of Kerala are the main attraction and a reason why most tourists flock to this destination. The backwaters of Kerala which are made up of interconnected rivers, canals and lakes that merge into the Arabian sea astound travelers. Almost all of Kerala’s backwaters flow from Alleppey and provides houseboat tours which prove to be one of the best experiences for travelers; due to which most people include Alleppey to their South India tour package.

Munnar: Munnar, a small tiny town and renowned hill-station in Kerala is known for its hills that are carpeted with green tea plantations. Munnar is one of South India’s largest tea-growing regions and offers beautiful scenery and a cool climate for tourists. With tea plantation tours, a pleasantly cool climate and waterfalls, Munnar stands to be a famous resort town. The wildlife sanctuaries are a must visit as they house few of the rarest wildlife species in the world.

With calm backwaters, elegant houseboats, mysterious beaches, Ayurveda treatments, and delicately spiced cuisine, Kerala is a destination that must be a part of your South India tour package.
There are many other India tour packages that offer visiting many other destinations in the country. With a mix of sightseeing and activities, these tours are well designed and must be taken in order to make the most of your India vacation.

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