Embrace the nature’s glory in Kerala

Kerala is famously known as the God’s Own Country primarily because it serves as the only place which is exclusively blessed with nature’s bewitching splendor. It is not only renowned for housing the best of nature’s creation but it also shelters the most divinely architected temples. This is one of the reasons which lead to call this enchanting state as God’s residing place.

Kerala is an enchanting paradise, tropical in nature, which has been perched along the Malabar Coast at the south-western expanse of India. It is an outstanding state of India which constitutes the best of destinations. It witnesses the enthralling elegance of the nature in the form of various natural wonders like bewitching beaches, the cerulean sea, shimmering backwaters etc. These wonders are further adorned with cool breeze, alluringly rising waves, lined up with swaying palms and coconut groves, emerald fields. All these natural excellence shines bright under the glorious sun leaving the onlookers spellbound.

Kerala is a magnificent place which satiates the thirst for nature and its charm. It comprises all of the nature’s creations that range from glorious hill stations to emerald paddy fields, frothy waterfalls to rushing streams, glistening backwaters to fluctuating beaches and much more serene wonders. This charming state is blessed with an elegant 600 km shoreline which gives some of the world’s best beaches. The beaches of Kerala generate relaxing sounds through its consequent rising waves and creating a tranquil ambience all over.

The pristine beaches and backwaters of Kerala make it the top tourist destination which can compete with any of the world’s top tropical destinations. The must visit beaches which one should include in one’s Kerala Backwater Tour Packages are Kovalam Beach, Alappuzha beach, Beypore, Shanghumukham, Ezhimala, Fort Kochi, Bekal, Dharmadam Island and Kappad etc. These beaches in Kerala house the most captivating natural splendor.
Kerala tours are the means that makes it easier for travelers to observe the sheer magnificence of this tropical destination at its best and with the most affordable rates too. Kerala tour packages showcase the special interests that the state bestows to its travelers with the fascinating destinations where they can enjoy it. From the wide ranging Kerala packages, one can opt according to one’s interest. Kerala bestows holidays which are replete with the most memorable memories.

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