Indian Cities to Explore This Summer – V

The previous section of our blog ‘Indian Cities to Explore This Summer – IV’ covered the lexicographic list of the Indian cities that should not be missed if you are planning your India holidays. We concluded our last blog post with Kanyakumari so we will start this section from the consecutive next Lakshadweep.

Lakshadweep: A perfect holiday spot to behold the enchanting creations of nature at its best. The island is enriched with incredible vistas where the pleasant breeze romances with emerald palms while the azure sea seems to caress the white sand. The place is dotted with pristine beaches that offer thrilling water adventures. It is the best place to comprehend and observe the opulence of nature.

Lucknow: The city of Nawabs is gloriously adorned with superb mausoleums and grandiose monuments. The uniquely designed garden which boasts marble sidewalks are among the top attractions of the place beside the architectural wonders. The era-old edifices showcase the strong history of the place. The cultural influence is highly prevalent in the population and can be observed even in the simplest form of interaction.

Mahabalipuram: It poised elegantly on the Coromandel Coast against the Bay of Bengal and is fringed flawlessly with spectacular beaches. Being blessed with such beautiful setting, Mahabalipuram is eminent for housing impressive architectural marvels showcasing the artistic brilliance with many more intriguing attractions to allure its visitors. It serves as an absolute tourist destination which adds on more fun and excitement to your holidays in south India.

Manali: It is one of the most beautiful hill stations of India which is blessed with some alluringly picturesque landscapes. The snowcapped hills in the city leave the visitors spell bound with its mesmerizing magnificence. The city provides a myriad of adventure sports options amidst its natural splendor that attracts tourists from all over. At the time of snowfall the city gets drenched in snow, letting you experience all of its bewitching beauty at its best.

Mandawa: This major city in Shekhawati region (Rajasthan) is known for its mighty Havelis. These glorious Havelis stand as the living example of the gallantry galore of the Thakurs and Rajputs. The Havelis are brilliantly designed by the craftsmen of the era. Every edifice is a piece of architectural brilliance. The beautiful temples here represent the religious and cultural significance of India.

Mumbai: It is the most eminent metropolitan city of India which is exclusively blessed with an elegant coastline. The city harbors spectacular beaches fringed with exceptional beauty. It is a major hub for tourist as it offers a myriad of tourist attractions like Juhu beach, Gateway of India, Prince of Wales Museum etc. Mumbai bestows an extraordinary experience with a unique mix of culture and natural beauty with a contemporary touch.

Munnar: The city comprises spectacular splendour of nature due to which it serves as the most bewitching hill station in South India. It is dotted with vistas where snow capped mountains aim to touch the sky, foamy waterfalls generate a melodious sound with greenery all around representing nature’s bounty over this place.

Mysore: It is one of the enchanting destinations of Karnataka which celebrates its festivals with so much of zeal and enthusiasm that the revelry and festivities has now become world famous. Besides the dynamic celebrations, Mysore is eminent for harboring the magnificent palaces, divine temples, fascinating forts and all such tourist attractions making it the one of the most desired tourist destination in India.

The above cities are among the famous tourist attractions of India which one can traverse during their holidays. We will come back with another section of our tantalizing cities- ‘Indian Cities to Explore This Summer – VI’. So keep reading and keep updating yourself.

Indian Cities to Explore This Summer – IV

The last section ‘Indian Cities to explore this summer – III’ covered the lexicographic list of the Indian cities that should be taken into consideration if you are planning to spend your summers in India. We concluded our last blog post with Jodhpur so this section will start from the consecutive next Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari: Elegantly poised at the southernmost tip of India, it represents a mixed heritage showcasing the country’s diversity. Being blessed with a mesmerizing natural setting which is further adorned with temples, churches, religious pillars and statues makes this city the most alluring places of India. Vivekananda Rock Memorial is the prime attraction as it is the end point of India which stands amidst the profound Laccadive Sea.

Kanchipuram: It is an eminent tourist destination of Tamil Nadu which is dotted with striking temples and bestows alluringly impressive scenery. The place is renowned as one of the Seven Sacred Cities of India as it perfectly showcases its culture and philosophy. This spectacular city gives you an exciting opportunity to behold the charismatic ambience of the country. Kamakshi Amman Temple is the architectural wonder of the region that holds utmost importance.

Khajuraho: It is eminent for its exquisitely carved sensuous sculptures and ancient group of temples. Besides this, it holds strong historical past with great mythological legends behind making it the most fascinating destination. The temples exhibit such intriguing aspects that bewitch the travelers as well as make them appreciate the craftsmen who created such incredible art work.

: It is among the most alluring destinations of India which constitute a mesmerizing countryside bestowing a picturesque landscape. The place will definitely magnetize you by its charismatic natural charm. It is a perfect holiday destination beholding verdant greenery and tranquil ambience which can be perceived through backwaters and wildlife.

Kovalam: It is an exotic destination of Kerala which imposingly shelters four spectacular sandy beaches within its single territory making it one of the most alluring destinations. The charismatic charm of the natural setting of the place makes enchanting holidays. The beaches bestow incredible splendor of nature as well as thrilling opportunities to indulge in water sports and activities.

Kodaikanal: This extensively beautiful city of Kerala has been adorned with enchanting backwaters, glistening lakes, fascinating temples, mesmerizing waterfalls and other such tourist attractions. One should definitely not miss the enthralling beauty of this magnificent destination of Kerala. The Kodaikanal Lake, Berijam Lake, Bear Shola Falls are some of the prominent points of interest for travelers.

The above cities are among the most tranquil and serene destinations which one can traverse during their summer holidays. We will come back with another section of our captivating cities- ‘Indian Cities to Explore This Summer – V’. So keep reading and keep updating yourself.

Indian Cities to explore this summer – III

The last section of our blog ‘Indian Cities to explore this summer – II’ covered the lexicographic list of the Indian cities that should be taken into consideration if you are planning to spend your summers in India. India is enriched with destinations that are ideal to spend one’s vacation. Therefore, the list is quiet long. Such variety gives you ample tourist destinations to choose from. In the last section, we stopped at Cochin so in this section we will start from the consecutive next Delhi.

Delhi: The capital city of India embodies the true essence and soul of this incredible nation showcasing both the contemporary and ancient aspect of India. Delhi elegantly represents a perfect merger of tradition, culture, and politics through its magnificent edifices. It is the most predominant tourist destination of India which embodies the entire nation within its single territory.

Darjeeling: It is the most eminent hill station of India sheltering nature in its full form which bestows a picturesque landscape with Kanchenjunga hill at the backdrop. Darjeeling serves as the best place for tea plantation. It endows emerald tea gardens with sheer natural splendor all around. Enjoy a splendid holiday while traversing the enchanting beauty of Darjeeling this summer.

Goa: This tiny state of India is extensively enriched with fascinating activities and destinations. The enchanting coastline affirms to be the best in the country as it boasts incredible natural glory with exhilarating activities. The place is famous for its vibrant festivals, carnivals and vivacious lifestyle that is easily reflected in the beach parties and late night parties.

Hyderabad: The capital city of Andhra Pradesh is known for globally famed majestic heritage edifices and beholding a strong historical background which can be witnessed through its art galleries and museums. The city showcases the diversity of India with housing peoples from different regions and communities and serves as the tourist spots of India.

Jaipur: The very first splendidly planned city of Rajasthan is a perfect destination to witness the magnificent history though its architectural marvels with exclusive traditions. The glory and royalty of Rajasthan is reflected in every nook and corner of this majestic pink city which every tourist yearn to experience making it a most famed tourist destination.

Jaisalmer: Standing amidst the elegant Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is the most charming city of Rajasthan which is dotted with exceptional man-made wonders. Beholding a strong historical past, it is one of the prominent tourist destinations which inhabit the best of cultural heritage with a desert terrain at the backdrop. To experience this classic beauty, one should definitely plan a holiday to Rajasthan.

Jodhpur: The second largest city of Rajasthan is a perfect destination to witness the alluring golden sand shimmering under the bright sun providing a mesmerizing landscape. You should experience the spectacular charm of this desert terrain in person. Jodhpur is renowned for showcasing the royalty and majestic glory of Rajasthan through its cultural heritage and its authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

These Indian cities are best holiday destinations for summer holidays. However, as said earlier – the list is long – it is not finished yet. We will come back with another section – ‘Indian Cities to Explore This Summer IV’. So keep reading and keep updating yourself.

Indian Cities to explore this summer – II

The last section of our blog ‘Indian Cities to explore this summer’ covered the lexicographic list of the Indian cities that should be taken into consideration if you are planning to spend your summers in India. India is enriched with destinations that are ideal to spend one’s vacation. Therefore, the list is quiet long. Such variety gives you ample tourist destinations to choose from. In the last section, we stopped at Bangalore or Bengaluru so in this section we will start from the consecutive next Bharatpur.

Bharatpur: It is a majestic destination which embodies India’s rich history, natural wonder and cultural glory making it one of the most favorite tourist destinations. Beside the Mughal and Rajput architecture, Bharatpur is eminently famed for housing Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary with more than 380 feathered avifauna species. It is an ideal destination to go on a wildlife safari.

Bhubaneswar: This graceful capital city of Orissa flawlessly embodies India’s art and culture. The art and culture is reflected in the rudiments from the past as well as from the present. The place is an abode of alluringly architected ancient temples and many such religious locations which makes this among the most visited tourism sites.

Bikaner: This elegant city is blessed with sheer natural charm with royal landscape. Bikaner is the royal place of the former maharajas and beholds the strong history of their struggle and chivalry. Junagarh Fort is the landmark fort of this city which is standing since 14th century. This diminutive city of Rajasthan perfectly beholds and signifies its enormous culture and traditions. The lifestyle of the locals represents the cultural importance which is also reflected in its majestic palace and forts and more of such edifices.

Bodhgaya: It is one of the holiest cities of India where Buddha achieved the enlightenment. The whole place gracefully depicts the life incidents of Buddha’s life through temples, miniatures, museums and much more. The place is amazingly with blessed with tranquil ambiance all over which reflects the positive energies around.

howrah-bridge-kolkata (1)
Kolkata: It stands as one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities of India. Kolkata encompasses numerous splendid palaces, forts and fascinating edifices which embody India’s strong history. This intellectual capital of India is replete with divine shrines, pastoral countryside, beautifully laid out gardens and ancient edifices which add onto its charm.

Chennai: this most eminent city of south India serves as a perfect blend of rich heritage, exclusive culture and unique traditions. Not just the multi ethnic nature of this city makes it eminent but also the natural appeal of the sandy beaches, parks, lakes, sculptures and historic landmarks which spread its charm all over.

Kochi (Cochin): Cochin, nestled amid the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, is the most visited destination which south India proudly houses. This eminent city of Kerala is renowned for its natural grandeur, magnificently laid out gardens with shimmering lakes and most prominently its backwaters. Beside such fascinating aspects the city is eminent for comprising the magnificently erected ancient temples and pleasant weather throughout.

These are some other Indian cities which one can traverse during their summer holidays. However, as said earlier – the list is long – it is not finished yet. We will come back with another section – ‘Indian Cities to Explore This Summer III’. So keep reading and keep updating yourself.

Indian cities to explore this Summer

Summers are for relaxing and rejuvenating. People prefer spending summers while holidaying. India is one such diverse nation which houses varied summer destinations to spend the best summer holidays. India serves as an eclectic mix with history, tradition and natural splendor which have everything in store for its visitors of varied kind. The best Indian cities, to spend one’s holidays, are mentioned here with some description to give a brief idea about their attractions.

Agra: Apart from sheltering one of the seven wonder of the world – the Taj Mahal, Agra is eminent for being the dominant city of India. It showcases the true essence through the fascinating cultural heritage. The exceptional edifices and momentous monuments endorse a perfect merge of history and culture. This eventually makes it one of the most remarkable cities of India.

Alleppey (Alappuzha): This ancient city of Kerala is eminently famed for its glistening backwaters lined with swaying palm trees and exclusive houseboats which contribute the most to its tourism besides the beautiful shrines depicting Kerala style of architecture. The place is blessed with sheer natural splendor replete with a serene and tranquil ambience around which makes this a place bestowing immense peace.

Amritsar: This elegant city of Punjab is a spiritual hub for Sikh community. It is an abode to the globally famed golden temple which magnificently stands amidst the glistening lake. This spiritual edifice serves as the major landmark of this city. Amritsar, apart from its distinctive edifices, is renowned for its mouth-watering cuisine and fascinating folk culture. The city showcases the cultural elegance and ethnic lifestyle.

Aurangabad: This ancient city is fascinatingly adorned with architectural marvels and rich cultural heritage sites. The most famous of which is the Ajanta and Ellora caves. These exquisitely rock cut caves let the visitors to relive the bygone era. The caves leave its onlookers absolutely spellbound by its enigmatic charm.

Andaman: This exceptionally beautiful union territory of India is globally famed for housing several astonishing islands. Some of the islands in this union territory inhabit the exclusive tribal folks which presently serve as the pride of India. Andaman is a dominant tourist hub which constitutes the best of islands that possess the spellbinding corals and aquatic life with sheer natural splendor around. Apart from the natural splendor, the place boasts India’s political history which is depicted through the cellular jail and other such edifices.

Bangalore: This growing metropolitan city of India accommodates a perfect fusion of history and contemporary with housing copious forts and historical monuments. It beautifully portrays Indian culture and heritage with striking gardens, tree flanked avenues, splendid edifices, and much more. This city is exclusively blessed with a pleasant climate with greenery all over which has acknowledged it as the prettiest city of India.
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Bharatpur: Beholding the historic appeal within its architectural marvels, Bharatpur is most astonishing place to get familiar with the avifauna and fauna species. Keoladeo National Park is one of its primary attractions which, apart from housing the wild, inhabit fascinating edifices of the ancient era.
These were some of the cities which one can traverse during their summer holidays. However, the list of Indian cities is not finished yet. We will come back with another section of ‘Indian Cities to Explore This Summer’. So keep reading and keep updating yourself.

Best Travel Approach for Holidays in Indian Cities

India, an enchanting nation, beholds diverse aspects with interesting cities like Delhi, Agra and Cochin. This makes it distinct from other parts of the world. It has even listed among the most captivating countries. This country serves as an absolute holiday destination. It comprises assorted features such as rich cultural heritage with fascinating history, exclusive wildlife with exotic foliage, mesmerizing destinations with natural splendors and much more.
The snow-capped hills, enchanting valleys, shimmering backwaters, spectacular beaches and emerald countryside with some manmade wonders satiate every tourist. Travelers, having different temperaments and interests, visit this nation as it covers all the prime tourist attractions. This charismatic country beholds an extensive range of wonders within its cities. Every nook and corner comprises unique and pleasant aspects. One needs to witness the enthralling beauty of India in person.

Travelling in this sub continent needs systematic research and planning. This makes the vacations effortless and worthwhile. Proper planning makes vacations full of lovely moments. Nowadays, everyone have internet and internet is replete with information. All the travel based information is there on the internet. Travelers should obtain all the relevant information about the destination they are planning to visit. There are many India tour guides provided for the tourists on the internet. Tourist should search about the destination, its history and other important information. This will surely make their travel more convenient. If the traveler does not want to search the internet then the person can opt for an India trip expert. This will help them to travel more effortlessly and conveniently.

Many Guide books on India are available in print for tourists. Tourists can go through these books and enlighten themselves about the country. Some tourists prefer to book a professional tour operator rather unfolding the country on their own. This further helps the travelers. The expertise of the tour professionals impresses the tourist. In this way, the tourists can enjoy the utmost comfort and convenience during their visit. Tour operators provide their personal experience to the travelers. They guide them about the destination and serve them throughout the excursion. Tourist can enjoy a destination at their best by opting for a tour planned by these professional experts. The tour planned by India tour planner would be full of comfort, convenience, assistance and guidance.

These professional tour advisors are aware of the pros and cons of a destination. This is the reason why they are called holiday experts. They provide a brief insight of the country to the travelers beforehand. They also organize specialized tours which will lead the tourists to have a remarkable holiday experience in this bewitching nation. Even the itineraries provided can be modified according to the customer’s comfort and requirements. The best part is they assist the travelers throughout the course of their journey. They don’t let their customers to come across any shortcomings during their stay. They make their customers well equipped prior landing them to Indian territory.

Travel Responsibly In India Through Eco Tours

The new wave of eco tourism has revolutionized the concept of nature-friendly travel in India with India Eco Tour. This multidimensional idea brings tourists, locals and nature together on a common platform. Also, it is the only way with which one can participate actively in the variety of Indian ecosystems and gain the insider experiences.

As a part of mutual exchange, travellers are introduced towards the local beliefs and nature friendly ways of life in Indian villages through orientations. Say, if a traveller is visiting Kumakarom village in Kerala, they are introduced to the coir weaving
This is done to establish better understanding of the location. The environment around such destinations is very fragile and sensitive locations. Hence, the efforts towards establishing camaraderie between mankind and nature is the prime facet of these trips..
Environment plays an important role in these special trips. In fact, the quality of location’s surroundings is a major draw card for this thematic travel. Since environment is of prime importance, tourists and locals both have to make sure that the quality of location and surroundings are not hurt because of tourism.
In fact, all this is properly implemented to retain the essence of the destination. Tourists are guided not to leave minimum impact and draw out maximum experiences from this trip. This is a sentient way where destination’s beauty is kept intact due to preservation efforts by locals and travellers alike.

They make sure no bottle or edible leftovers are thrown out in open. Either they carry back the litter with them or dispose them off in dustbins only. While in a wildlife sanctuary or a national park in India like Jim Corbett, this feature should be followed like a norm. The plastics thrown by careless individuals in these forests might take death of a wild animal.
Also, one should try not to create noise while touring a jungle. We know that the idea of spotting favourite animal is an exciting moment, but try not to shout. Just observe the animals as they pass ahead of your jeep safari. This is the best example of eco tourism where men just admire the beauty and vibrant appeal of nature quietly like Valley of Flowers Tour.

Wildlife lovers should also follow the instructions given by the tour leaders during safari. Trust them, they know the forest better and can give tourists a rich eco-travel experience, provided the travellers cooperate with them.
Additionally, the visitors must also appreciate the local values and customs while travelling and practice them. Say if a visitor is traveling towards a tribal location or a village, he should not photograph without the consent. It might be just a picture for tourists, but it might hurt their sentiments.

Same is applicable for the methods of transportation and accommodation. Visitors can ditch their cars during eco travelling and trek or hike their way through the locations. This attempt keeps the locations free from vehicular pollution and helps the visitors in gaining insider experience. Accommodations that follow eco-friendly parameters like lodges or resorts can be booked during such special trips.
The basic premise to safeguard environment is the key for such enriching trips. Travellers after exploring such natural locations responsibly return back with a better outlook of life. They take back natural memories, rich insider experiences and some practical lessons on how to coexist with nature without disturbing it.

Enjoy the Best of Kerala with Wayanad Village Tour

Kerala is a land of surprises. The small strip of land is blessed with blissful natural wonders that offer pleasures for mind, body and senses. It has beaches, backwaters, abundant green fields, plantations and most importantly, peace of mind that makes it a captivating destination. This peace of mind comes up only with the presence of its countryside villages. Punctuated with a lot of villages, the state provides a thriving backdrop for village culture to flourish. The old-world charm, enchanting ritualistic dance forms, simplicity and receptiveness of people bring up the enticing holiday experience to the peace loving holidayers.

The rural side here features a serene mix of Malabari culture with landscapes. One cannot easily differentiate between culture and lifestyle of people. People here still thrive on farming and plantations. For they believe that farming is God’s blessing that should be nurtured by the mankind in the best possible way. These farmers work day and night on the farms and plantations and contribute to the productivity of the country in the form of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, coconuts, and not to forget paddy fields. It is because of these farmers only the rural countryside of Kerala has retained its lush greenery.
spice goa-001
The additional source of livelihood in such villages is the inclination towards handicrafts. Kerala has a rich tradition of handicrafts which is kept alive in these villages. A source of livelihood for craftsmen and women too, the local cottage industry here helps them showcase their craft in the form of ethnic souvenirs. The artisans here are following the craft for generations for their sustenance and keeping the legacy of Kerala alive through their art forms. Their skill is one of the prime reasons why such souvenirs like ivory crafts, wooden boat models, coconut shell craft, Aranmula mirror, metal inlaid wood craft etc are seen with great fascination.

The rural culture gives a great importance to the cottage crafts. Therefore, tourists on a village tour can get the opportunity to witness the talent of such rural artists. During this trip, the foreigners can actually see how these creations are chiselled to perfection. How the raw materials like coconut shell that is usually discarded can be used to create such fascinating knick-knacks. The procedure as well as the end product of such a detailed craft is fascinating, making a trip to rural Kerala successful. While on a visit to such rural cottage industries, the visitors can buy such interesting souvenirs.

This transaction might look like a usual one, but has a hidden motive of cultural exchange. Tourists get the original hand-made creations from the craftsmen directly and the rural artists get rewarded for their talent.

All such enriching experiences can be enjoyed during Wayanad Village tour. Located in North Kerala, the region is interspersed with old world charm, natural wonders and heritage attractions, making it one of the best ways to enjoy nature. This holiday also offers a perfect opportunity to rewind and rejoice life in this calming village zone.

India Golden Triangle Tour – A Golden Travel Opportunity

Gold is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in India. Associated with richness, this precious metal has been many times compared to the rich heritage of this country. India has many architectural gems to its credit. Some are as old as the 1,000 years old. Now, that is something really outstanding to preserve this old legacy for future generations. All this aptly equates Indian architectural heritage to the eternal quality of gold.
To sample this rich golden heritage, many tourists take the initiative to visit India. And their first outlet to cherish the share again starts while following the golden route to heritage. Yes, you are right. We are talking about golden triangle tour of North India, the special trip focusing on the rich golden heritage of the country. Just like a triangle has three vertices, the special trip too has three destinations that bring out the golden experiences in this incredible country from India Golden Triangle Tour Packages.
Delhi is the first destination of this trip wherein tourists can find a rare mix of a bustling metropolis and old world charm. This capital of India of enjoys an unparalleled status in terms of its monuments and heritage. One of the oldest cities in the world, Delhi has to its credit many world famous structures including Red Fort, Raj Ghat, Chandni Chowk, Humayun’s Tomb and Qutab Minar. Also, this capital city is a center of power in India. The government of India functions from Parliament house or Sansad Bhawan and the country’s President lives in the presidential palace or Rashtrapati Bhawan. All such attractions of Delhi give a deserving start to this special trip.

Next high point of this itinerary rests in Agra, the former capital of Mughals. Dominated by the Taj Mahal, the city has a rich wealth of Islamic monuments, forts and tombs. Tourists visit this city to catch up with the Taj Mahal, the zenith of Islamic architecture and cherish its beauty and grandeur in a unique way. Besides Taj, the city also hosts Agra Red Fort. The imposing red sandstone structure has a vast range of courtly buildings built under the regime of Akbar and Shah Jahan. The grand courtyards, pavilions and palaces here stir up the travellers’ imagination, taking him to the walls and structures where Mughals actually lived and ruled the richest country of its times, India. After exploring Agra, tourists can buy the souvenirs from Agra in the form of pietra dura inlay crafts and stone work coasters, etc.
The third high point of this trip is the visit to city royale, Jaipur. The current capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur has the grandeur and the glory befitting the royal culture of the region. Dotted with forts and palaces, the city has a splendid charm that can be experienced with a visit to Amber Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, and Jantar Mantar. If you have free time, then a visit to Jaipur’s bazaars is also a worthwhile exercise, giving tourists a pleasure of colourful shopping in this city.
All such classic experiences are a part of amazing golden triangle tour, offering tourists a golden opportunity of exploring and enriching the memories with golden experiences in India.

Enjoy the Spirit of Travelling with Incredible India

India remains active all the time. Life is on the move in this colourful country. The hustle and bustle of crowd and honking of long array of vehicles in traffic gives an impression that the country is more like a video game to a traveller. This feeling at the first sight might undermine your spirit of gaining new experiences. But we request all the travellers coming to India not be get overwhelmed by the chaos and movement. Within few hours, such a kind of experience will go away from you and you will attune to the flow of life here. As a foreigner, we suggest you to enjoy this experience as every moment spent here will be a part of your memories for life.

You will soon get accustomed to the active and exciting side of this country. Behind this active side of life in the country lies the opportunity of discovery and unique experiences. This inspires travellers to look out for more of the exclusive experiences in this country.
One of the customary experiences here is the sightseeing. There is a vast variety of tourist attractions that enriches a traveller each and every time during the travelling. There is so much to see in India that makes the country a scintillating treat for the eyes. There are monuments, forts, palaces, heritage structures, mansions, natural wildlife trails, mountains, beaches, islands, deserts, and the list is countless. Such attractive travel attractions inspire traveller and trigger a feeling to explore more and more of the country in a single attempt.

But this is definitely not the right way of travelling through this country. If a tourist even takes out two months out of his schedule to complete exploring India in a single attempt, the result will be entirely a hotchpotch. We will explain this to you. If you set out to travel from one corner of the country to another, definitely you will be enriched with the variety of sights, sounds and experiences. But the whole travel voyage will be more of a jumbled up exercise wherein you will not be able to derive the true motive of travelling and experiencing the colours of the country. If you take this challenging task, you will be jetlagged for boarding the flights from one city to another and rushing to catch-up with the pre-planned itineraries. In short, you will gasp for breath for it won’t be no longer a holiday.


To escape this tedious and exhausting process and not take away the pleasure of travelling from life, it is suggested to divide that whole country’s trip into numerous short trips. This is the preferred way of travelling where you enjoy the enriching experience with every trip to this colourful country. You wholly explore a destination and find out more with focused sightseeing. This will be a true discovery in real relaxed sense. Not a rushed tour taken in a jiffy amidst crunching schedules. Therefore, it is suggested to the travellers like you to take in repeated trips to Incredible India and soak in the ultimate surprises in clear way. This in turn will definitely bring you closer to spirit of travelling this country is known for.